ICC proposes interesting changes in all 3 formats of cricket


During the ICC meeting, currently ongoing in Dubai, the CEC — which was tasked with coming up with plans to give meaning to every international match played — has agreed on proposals to have a two-year Test league, a 13-team ODI league and a regional qualification process for the World T20.

The proposals would be forwarded to the ICC Board in the next round of meetings in April and could see these proposals implemented as early as 2019.

According to the proposal, the two-year Test league will comprise of a 9-3 format where the top nine Test-playing nations in the world will compete for the top prize and will be joined by the bottom-ranked teams, most likely Zimbabwe, Ireland and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the three-year 13-team ODI league would also serve as a qualification round for the 50-over World Cup.

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