Lahore Police inaugurates digital command and control system

Lahore Police inaugurates digital command and control system

LAHORE: A command and control syestem was established by Lahore Police in the metropolis for the digital monitoring of the city. The command and control room was inaugurated here on Wednesday by Lahore Police.


As per details, the command and control system was established by Police to eliminate terrorism and crimes form city. Electronic screens are being used by security officials to monitor police patrolling and police response unit force vehicles through trackers.


Security officials will monitor the security of schools, banks and trade centres through CCTV cemaras while the beat officers deployed on petrolling could be monitored through mobile phones.


Speaking on this occasion, Lahore CCPO Amin Wanis said that command and control system will be helpful in fight against terrorism and it will also play significant role in reducing the rate of crimes in the city.


He further added that a monthly record will be prepared to review the performance of security personnel.