Twitter launched new feature for it's users across the World

Twitter launched new feature for it's users across the World

SAN FRANCISCO - Twitter link Inc. has said that it is launching a new Twitter link Privacy Center to showcase how the social media link network is taking active measures to protect private data of its consumers.

The San link Francisco-based company link said the new site link "provides a central place to keep you updated on our privacy and data protection work and aid us in being accountable to you through transparency." The center will host all link kinds of information about Twitter link initiatives, announcements, new privacy products, and communication about security incidents, the company link said.

The site link will let users know how Twitter link collects and uses their data, and will give customers more control over their private information, including downloading their own data.

"Everyone on Twitter link should have meaningful controls over what data they share link with us and a clear understanding of how it's used and when it's shared," Twitter link said.

Meanwhile, Twitter link also unveiled an updated global privacy policy that introduces some key changes scheduled link to take effect on Jan. 1, 2020 link.

Under the new policy, Twitter link is moving the accounts of users outside of the United States link and the European Union link, which were previously served by Twitter link International Company link in Ireland link to Twitter link Inc. in San Francisco link.

The shift stems from link Twitter link need to have greater room to test features and settings and to provide people with the controls that meet their needs and expectations, such as their additional opt-in or opt-out preferences or other privacy-related requirements that would be restricted by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) widely enforced in Europe link.

Twitter said the new European privacy law does not offer enough flexibility to it in dealing with private data of its customers.