PM Imran Khan hints at good news for Pakistan economy

PM Imran Khan hints at good news for Pakistan economy

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan, while praising the economic team for its efforts, said that nation will hear more good news regarding Pakistan’s economy.

Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a federal cabinet meeting in Islamabad today where the cabinet briefed PM on the improving economic situation of the country.

The prime minister added that the economic team has taken country in the right direction. PM and his cabinet also praised the economic team for improving Pakistan’s position in the global economic rankings.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, speaking at a cabinet meeting, said that positive reports are coming about the Pakistani economy from international economic institutions.

The federal cabinet meeting deliberated on the existing political, economic and security related situation in the country.

The cabinet approved the appointment of CEO of National Insurance Company and ratified the decisions of the Economic Coordination Committee and Committee on Investment.