Syrian Army recovers US made weapons inside Daesh dens

Syrian Army recovers US made weapons inside Daesh dens

DAMASCUS - Syrian Army units discovered a huge pile of US- and European-made weapons inside Daesh dens in Deir ez-Zor’s countryside.

The Syrian military demonstrated an arsenal of weapons seized in areas southeast of the province of Deir ez-Zor, with a video being published on the YouTube channel of SANA news agency.

The arsenal includes a thousand small arms, a stock of barrels for anti-aircraft installations and large-caliber tank machine guns. In addition, the footage shows that the army units captured several trucks with artillery guns.

Earlier, the Syrian Army reported that the weapons found in the warehouses were manufactured by US and European companies.
In October, local media reported that Syrian troops had found weaponsin the city of Mayadin, which had been the largest Daesh stronghold in the region, that were from Belgium, Great Britain and Israel. 
As the Syrian military noted, the jihadists allegedly received these weapons, which were allegedly purchased under Pentagon programs, in order to help the allies.