Qatari Prince Hamad Bin Jassim

Qatari Prince Hamad Bin Jassim

LAHORE: Qatari Prince Hamad Bin Jassim has arrived in lahore to rescue the Sharif family in the Panama Papers scandal in supreme Court of Pakistan.

Panama Papers case in Supreme Court: Sharif Family may get into serious troubles

A 15-member Qatari delegation including Prince Hamad Bin Jassim arrived on Saturday in Lahore.

It includes 12 Qatari royals and three airplane crew members.

The delegation arrived in the wake of the counsel for the premier’s sons presenting a letter from Prince Jassim before the Supreme Court pertaining to the Panamagate probe.

Panama case in supreme court on November 30: Sharif Family grilled

The delegation was received by Punjab Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan and PM Sharif’s Hasan Nawaz and taken to the Sharif’s Jati Umra residence.