Imran Khan kicks off clean and green Peshawar Campaign

PESHAWAR: PTI Chairman Imran Khan launched a “Clean and Green Peshawar” campaign at Peshawar. Imran said at the occasion that betterment of the people is the priority of KPK government. While addressing the participants at Nishtar Hall in Peshawar, Imran criticized the PML-N government saying that government has no concerns for the miseries of People. People of Pakistan have to face problems due to new taxes. He also predicted that government may not survive till 2018 because masses have united against the policies of government. “We take pride in our country. We will start with making Clean Peshawar a model,” he said. Khan also said that KP government will make Peshawar as a role model city. Grounds and parks will be constructed on encroached land in KP. Every possible effort will be made by KP government for the empowerment of masses. Imran added.