Pakistan Iran to start IP gas pipeline dialogue under incoming PTI government

Pakistan Iran to start IP gas pipeline dialogue under incoming PTI government

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Iran to start dialogues on how to advance on the IP gas line project which was earlier shelved by the previous Nawaz government in June 2016.

Iranian delegation wanted to come to Pakistan, but the caretaker government was of the view that any decision on the project will be the prerogative of the next elected government, a senior official at Petroleum Division said.

“In June 2016, Pakistan got shelved the IP gas line project in the wake of pressure of a leading gulf country, irking the authorities in Iran at that time and to this effect, the vibes that had emanated from Tehran indicated that it might move the arbitration court against Pakistan for not completing the project in its territory.”

“Now elections in Pakistan are over, and most likely the PTI headed government is going to take the charge.” Imran Khan, the head of PTI that has won the elections in the country, is going to swear in as prime minister of Pakistan by August 9 and the whole process to shape up the cabinet will also be completed in the current month.

“Both sides would put their heads together to find out the way out how to proceed for implementation of the project in the presence of the US sanctions and hawkish attitude of the Trump administration. President Trump is hell bent upon the deviating from the US-Iran nuclear deal earlier done during Obama regime. So under the new scenario, the top mandarins of both the countries would also work out new timelines for the project’s completion.”

Pakistan hopes Iran will, the official said, not move the arbitration court on IP gas line project, knowing the fact that in the presence of US sanctions, it was not possible to arrange the required funding for laying down the pipeline.