New York Times report exposes India in Occupied Kashmir

New York Times report exposes India in Occupied Kashmir

SRINAGAR - The rise of Hindu nationalism in India, which has deeply alienated its Muslim minority and taken an anti-Muslim direction, is pushing more people in the India-held Kashmir to join the freedom struggle.

According to leading US daily, the New York Times, many top members of the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party have a very questionable record when it comes to treating Muslims.

The report said that the new politics in Indian occupied Kashmir has sparred more people to turn against the government.

Describing Kashmir as one of Asia's most dangerous flashpoints, where Kashmiris have struggled for freedom for several decades, it said both Pakistan and India are now nuclear powers and have fought three wars between them.

The report observed that hatred in the Indian-held Kashmir against the Indian rule is growing and now the resistance inside the Indian areas is overwhelmingly homegrown.