KP New IGP reiterates pledge of fighting war against terror

KP New IGP reiterates pledge of fighting war against terror

PESHAWAR: (APP) Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Salah-ud-din Khan Mehsood said the KP police was strongly combating terrorism for the last 10 years in which so far more than 1500 jawans have sacrificed their precious lives and reiterated his pledge that the war would be fought with more vigorous zeal and professional spirit.

This, he said, while giving police policy statement to mediamen in a briefing held at CPO Peshawar on Monday.

In his first interaction with media after assuming the charge of office, the police chief pointed out terrorism incidents cannot be ruled out in spite of major success and achievements against terrorists.

He said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the front line province in the war against terror , added that Pak Army and Frontier Constabulary were conducting operations in tribal areas while the police force was engaged as a front line force in settled area and maintained that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police bearing the major brunt of terrorism as compared to other police forces of the country.

The police chief further informed the police Act 2017 envisaged capacity building and best training of the police force, better service delivery to the public and vowed that with the active support of the govt police will start implementation of the new Act as soon as possible so that police and other institutions could start functioning under the Act.

He informed all units of the police established for the better service of the people including Dispute Resolution Councils, Police Assistance Lines, Police Access Services, Safety Commissions and Complaint Authority would be further improved as per the need of the people.

The IGP also informed though Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police performance was satisfactory to a great extent, yet more improvement would be brought through continuous better training, strict supervision and providing latest equipments to the force.

He said that no one was above the law and every one would be equally treated without any discrimination.

He further added the internal administration of police would be fully independent where police welfare would be given due attention as well as reward and punishment will go together in the force.

The IGP also informed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police as usual would try for better coordination with all govt institutions including mediamen in the ongoing war against terrorists and other criminals and the coordination will be further improved with the passage of time.

He said police attitude would be made better inside and outside of the police stations and police performance inside police station and in the field would be judged from the behaviour adopted with the complainants and the general public and for this propose the help of intelligence institution will be solicited.

The IGP also held in high esteem the role played by media in war against terror adding despite unfavourable condition and many difficulties the mediamen performed its duty with due professional zeal and spirit.

He stressed the need for collective efforts against terrorism by saying that each and every one should play its due role in this regard.

Earlier, while presiding over a conference of all Regional Police Officers at CPO, the IGP directed the participants to ensure that SHO and Muharrar at police station should adopt polite attitude towards general public, the working of DRCs, PAL and PLCs should be further improved and DPOs be directed to ensure visit to DRC in their jurisdiction in a week and steps be taken for further improving its performing.

They were also directed to ensure fool proof security to the minorities, no innocent person should be implicated in fake cases. Similarly search and strike operations and intelligence based operation will be further intensified.

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