Mass graves unearthed in previously ISIS held Palmyra 


DAMASCUS: Mass graves unearthed in previously ISIS held Palmyra

Mass graves unearthed in previously ISIS held Palmyra containing beheaded bodies of victims including women and children.


Syria’s news agency SANA claimed that at least 40 bodies of victims have been recovered by government troops which show signs of barbaric torture.


Syrian troops recaptured Palmyra last Sunday after a month long battle with the support of Russian air strikes.


ISIS militants have destroyed many archeological sites and planted mines and booby traps to slow down the movement of government troops.


A Syrian Army official said “They planted two to three mines together every 100 meters. The mines were laid to impede the advance of government forces.”


UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that ISIS has killed at least 280 people and destroyed a number of heritage sites during their occupation.


Media claimed that ISIS beheaded more than 400 people including government officials and their families in May 2015 in Palmyra few days after their capture.


More than a quarter of million people have been killed in 5 years old Syrian conflict and millions have fled to borders of neighbouring states.