Extremist Hindus stop Hindu women from entering Religious Temples



MUMBAI: Extremist Hindus stopped Hindu women from entering into Religious Temples in Maharashtra state.


As per details, a group of 25 women activists led by Trupati Desai were stopped to enter in Shani Shingnapur temple for offering prayers.


Temple priests and locals claimed that women are not allowed to worship in this temple and this is 400 years old tradition.


They claimed that they will hold protest and they would also attack if someone tried to enter forcibly.


Police took the women away on a safe place to avoid any collapse between two sides.


The similar act was done in January when some women tried to enter in temple and the court also ruled days before that it is the fundamental right of women to offer prayers at a temple.


Ms. Desai claimed that it is the duty of police to ensure the safety of women and enforce the court order.


She said “We are not going to turn around. We have the court order and if needed  we will file an FIR against the home minister and chief minster.”