Pakistan mulls Duty free imports of electric cars

Pakistan mulls Duty free imports of electric cars

ISLAMABAD - The Ministry of Climate Change is mulling over an amendment that will allow electric vehicles to be imported duty-free under the proposed Electric Vehicle Policy. The local automakers have heavily criticized this scheme, calling it an attempt to kill the industry.

Interestingly, the climate change ministry has exceeded its mandate in preparing the draft copy of the Electric Vehicle Policy, as the auto industry falls under the purview of the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Industries and Production.

The policy will be discussed in the next cabinet meeting for approval. The Climate Change ministry had published the draft on its website before this but had to take it down after objections from Ministry of Industries.

Sources say that the Climate Change ministry was told to stay out of the auto sector by the Industries ministry but that didn’t stop the Climate Change ministry as they continued to work on the policy.

The Ministry of Climate Change wants to allow electric cars to be imported duty-free as they are expensive and making them duty-free would help make these cars commercially viable.

However, the idea has come under fire from the domestic industry, which says that it would negatively impact the local industry and lead to thousands becoming unemployed.