Is Nawaz Sharif seeking $12 billion NRO Deal?

Is Nawaz Sharif seeking $12 billion NRO Deal?

LAHORE - Punjab Information, Culture, Industries & Trade Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal on Monday revealed that incarcerated Nawaz Sharif was striking deal through backdoor channels.

Making this startling revelation in GNN’s show Clash, the minister added that deal can be reached in upcoming two to three months.

However, Iqbal refrained from disclosing the amount.

“Imran Saab, you posed question about the deal. Yes, you will see in the upcoming two to three months. I’m revealing this through my political sources with utmost assurance”, stated Iqbal.

When senior anchorperson Imran Khan inquired whether they [read Sharifs] will give money [if deal is reached], Iqbal replied affirmatively.

However, Iqbal did not disclose the amount.

“Is news of USD 12 billion true”, inquired the anchorperson.

“It [the amount of the plea-bargain] will become public. I won’t talk on it as it is not suitable time”, replied the Punjab’s information minister.