PM Imran Khan moves to fulfil yet another big promise made to the Nation

PM Imran Khan moves to fulfil yet another big promise made to the Nation

*ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan has moved to fulfil yet another promise made to the nation in his inaugural address.*

*He has decided to implement the plan for the promised 5 million houses for the poor citizens of Pakistan *

*He has called a meeting on Monday (tomorrow) to discuss the implementation of his promised five million houses’ construction for the public.*

Under the chairmanship of PM Khan, the experts from the construction department will attend the meeting to chalk out a strategy to build houses across the country.

According to details, most of the houses will be constructed in Karachi. The ministry of Housing has been informed of the land required for the construction of houses.

PM Khan has rolled up his sleeves to improve the situation of the country. But, he has been especially putting significant efforts to cope with looming economic crisis of Pakistan.

On Saturday, he constituted an 18-member Economic Advisory Council to ensure the availability of best possible professional advice to the government.

The council would help to optimise and synergise the formulation and implementation of economic and financial policies of the government.

It comprises some of the most learned and well-respected experts, academics and practitioners of the field who are currently serving in, or have rich experience with, amongst the most advanced academic institutions and other specialised organisations in Pakistan and abroad.