OGRA raises prices of LPG across Pakistan

OGRA raises prices of LPG across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) on Saturday increased the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by Rs4.10 per kg for September 2018.

According to a notification, the price of LPG has gone up from Rs132.6 to Rs136.7 per kg. Domestic cylinder will be sold for Rs1,613.43 instead of Rs1,564.98. Ogra notifies domestically produced LPG’s maximum producer price, margins of marketing and distribution companies and consumer prices as conveyed by the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division).

The LPG consumer price has been fixed at Rs132,625.39 per ton. Producer price has been set at Rs73,686.03 per ton, marketing and distribution margin at Rs35,000 per ton, petroleum levy at Rs4,669 and 17% general sales tax at Rs19,270.36.

The price of 11.8kg domestic cylinder has been fixed at Rs1,613.43 including the producer price of Rs869.30, distribution margin of Rs413, petroleum levy of Rs55.09 and sales tax of Rs227.39.