Twitter and Tweetdeck suspended worldwide

Twitter and Tweetdeck suspended worldwide

ISLAMABAD - Twitter’s administration informed users in their tweet that Twitter and tweet deck were suspended due to a technical error, saying the users may face difficulty in tweeting, receiving notifications or reading direct messages.

Notably, TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts.

The administration added that work on this technical error is underway and it will be fixed soon.

[image: Twitter service suspended worldwide, users face difficulties]

More than 4,000 complaints of Twitter’s technical malfunction have been received from several countries, including Japan, Canada and India, according to a social media monitoring website report.

Earlier, the company had told Reuters that the company was working on a technical problem with TweetDeck, used mostly by journalists and content creators.

Users who were trying to log in to the TweetDeck were opening the Twitter page instead of TweetDeck.