Who had summoned Rangers in NAB court today

Who had summoned Rangers in NAB court today

ISLAMABAD - The controversy surrounding the mysterious presence of the Punjab Rangers officials seemed to have been resolved as a letter has surfaced from the SSP Islamabad seeking deployment of Rangers in the NAB Court .

According to the letter, which still needs verification, the police official had enlisted the help of 200 personnel of Rangers with command structure around the premises of Judicial Complex, Islamabad to maintain the law and order situation as former Premier Nawaz Sharif had to show up.

The letter also categorically stated that the ‘Pakistan Rangers officials will not be directly involved to deal public during their duties along with police’.

Although the Deputy Commissioner has yet to give his official stance but the communication somehow clears the mystery as to who ordered the para-military troops to spring into action today (Monday).

The issue of Rangers deployment had set the tongues wagging as to who was controlling the overall episode when former premier Nawaz Sharif showed up in an accountability court but Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal was denied entry to the court premises prompting him to declare that he could not be a puppet minister.

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