Russia's FSB busts ISIS deep undercover cell

Russia's FSB busts ISIS deep undercover cell

MOSCOW - The terrorist cell plotted explosions in crowded places and at infrastructure facilities.“As a result of a search operation carried out on September 30, 2017, the Russian Federal Security Service stopped the activities of a deep undercover cell of the Daesh international terrorist group,” the FSB's statement read.

According to the statement, the cell, comprising Russian nationals from the North Caucasus region, was controlled by foreign emissaries. All members of the cell were detained, while two powerful improvised explosive devices, guns and grenades were confiscated.

“The members of the cell were planning to commit high-profile terrorist attacks in September 2017 in crowded places and transport infrastructure objects,” the statement read.

In August, the FSB head said that the threat from  Daesh  remained high in  Russia .

"The threat associated with the aspirations of international terrorist organizations, especially Daesh , as well as the gangs operating in the territory of the North Caucasus region, remains," Alexander Bortnikov said.

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