Indus Water Treaty revoking by India: Way Forward for Pakistan   

Indus Water Treaty revoking by India: Way Forward for Pakistan   


ISLAMABAD, Oct 2 (APP): Pakistan should engage international fora including United Nations Security Council, International Court of Arbitration, World Bank and other organizations on Indian threat to revoke Indus Water Treaty (IWT).

Known experts on International issues former head of department IR, National Defence University, Dr. Muhammad Khan, Chairman Environmental Sciences of International Islamic University Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan and Research Associates of SDPI Dr. Imran Khalid said these views while talking to APP here regarding bilateral water treaty between Pakistan and India.

They said,"No signatory can take any decision unilaterally

on Indus Water Treay as per clauses of the Treaty."

India is not in a position to violate Indus Water Treaty

as per International laws which bar any party to revoke the Tready."

Pakistan should approach World Bank forcefully about the issue

as it is a matter of international boundaries and World Bank is

guarantor of this Treaty, he said.

Replying to a question he said that if India would take

any decision in this regard then Pakistan would have the right to

take up the matter in the International Court of Arbitration

according to rules.

Dr. Khan informed that India had already done a

violation of this treaty in the past by building dams on

Western rivers without formal approval of Pakistan and it is a time

to think seriously for increasing our water reserves in case

of emergency.

Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan said "In Punjab, Pakistan has

installed an average three tubewells on 2.5 acre land but

India has installed around 15 tubewells on the same area of land

which is badly affecting our under ground water reserves."

Dr. Imran Khalid, Research Fellow,

Sustainable Development Policy Institute shared that there are

around 20,000 international treaties on various issues in the

world and Indus Water treaty is considered as one of the major

example of cooperation between two states.

He stated that if India violated this

treaty unilaterally there should be a big reaction

from international community, adding that India wants to be

permanent member of the United Nations Security Council so it will

not take such action which have affects on its future aspirations.