Rangers arrested 356 criminals and confiscated 18,037 Hides in Sindh on EidulAzha


KARACHI: On September 27, Pakistan Rangers Sindh issued a press release regarding arrests of criminals and confiscated Hides throughout Sindh. As per report 18,037 criminals hailing from different political and religious organizations MQM, ASWJ, JI in Sindh were also arrested during three days of Eid. Karachi remained the focus of the operation and larger chunk of hides and criminals were from Karachi alone. MQM resisted the operation and called it a discriminatory move against it and boycotted the hide collection by its welfare organization Khidmat e Khalaq Foundation KKF. Karachi has seen an intense operation in last two years which has virtually freed Karachi out of the hands of the mafias of different kinds and in which at least 237 police officials have lost their lives in the line of their duty.