Israeli Forces storm Al Aqsa Mosque on Jewish New Year Eve


JERUSALEM: In yet another worst kind of barbarian act, The occupying Israeli Forces entered the Holy Al Aqsa mosque compound on Saturday and started firing Tear Gas shells and Rubber Bullets upon the Palestinian Muslims offering prayers inside the mosque. Palestinian Muslims retaliated subsequently by pelting stones on the Israeli Soldiers and the clashes erupted between the two sides. Meanwhile Israeli soldiers sieged the mosque compound completely with Special commandoes taking positions on the roof top of the mosque and stopped Muslim worshippers from entering the mosque, worship was forbidden inside the mosque. Severe clashes erupted outside the mosque between Israeli Forces and Palestinian Muslim women, whereby many Palestinian men and women were injured and arrested by the Israeli Soldiers. The clashes between the two sides are escalating and Hamas leaders have threatened the world leaders that if Israeli Forces are not tamed, the situation may go out of control.