Suicide bomber kills 4 in a Saudi Arabian Mosque in Najran


RAYYADH: The attack on Al Mashhad mosque occurred during evening prayer. The ministry said in a statement, as worshipper were leaving the mosque, a person wearing a suicide jacket entered and blew himself up amongst them. According to witnesses, the suicide blast victims have reportedly been taken to King Khalid Hospital while tens of Saudis are lining up in front of hospital to donate blood to the wounded people. Saudi authorities said that they were investigating the Suicide attack. Najran is close to Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is carrying out incessant attacks in a bid to undermine the ruling Ansarullah movement and its allied military units. Najran is also on the frontline of a Saudi-led coalition war against Zaidi Huthi rebels in Yemen. Shells fired from Yemen have landed in Najran, and Saudi troops on the border have skirmished with rebels since the coalition in March began air strikes against the Huthis. This is not the first time that extremist have targeted mosques in Saudi Arabia, in early August a suicide bomber killed at least 15 people in an attack on mosque used by member of a local security force in southwest Saudi Arabia.