Shiv Sena workers blacken face of an RTI worker in New Delhi

NEW DELHI: Shiv Sena activists on Friday purportedly struck and darkened the face of a Right to Information (RTI) worker from Solapur after he uncovered an "unlawful" development case. The casualty, Mallikarjun Bhaikatti , had recorded a RTI against Latur 's Rajshree Shahu College, furthermore held a public interview as of late in such manner. This had apparently goaded Shiv Sena specialists, who took Bhaikatti to the same school and beat him up before the students and furthermore spread ink at his face. The RTI dissident has been moved to a private doctor's facility in Latur . 'I have been requesting police protection for more than four months, however nothing has been done,' RTI said Bhaikatti . Nearby Shiv Sena pioneer Abhay Salunke said, 'Bhaikatti was extorting the school for the sake of RTI and has likewise leveled false claims against it. Latur is popular in the nation for Shahu College. He has given an awful name to Latur , and thus, we darkened his face.'

New Delhi