Balouch Farrari Commander including 30 comrades surrender to state authorities in Baluchistan


QUETTA: Two commanders of the proscribed Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) along with 28 militants surrendered to authorities in Balochistan. The militants laid down their weapons in a press conference held by Provincial Minister Nawab Changaiz Marri. On this occasion Nawab Changaiz Marri Said  “We appreciate that the militants have surrendered and have announced their decision to join peaceful lives. He said that many other Ferraris are in contact with us. Over 50 percent of them were ready to surrender. Due to non-implementation of announcement of the government and nonpayment of money announced for them this process is slow and people were getting disappointed. He said government has not given him task to contact Khan of Kalat and Brahamdagh Bugti. Ferrari Commanders Mir Jan Marri and Mir Ramzna Marri told in a Press conference in the presence of Nawab Chagnez Marri that they remained associated with banned BLA but now they desire to join national mainstream to work for development of Baloch people. Its roughly seven million inhabitants have long complained they do not receive a fair share of its gas and mineral wealth. Baloch separatists demanding more autonomy and control over gas and mineral resources have frequently targeted security forces and police for years.