Panama Case: Supreme Court establishes special cell for JIT

Panama Case: Supreme Court establishes special cell for JIT

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan has moved forward into the Panama Papers case Joint Investigating Team formation.

The Supreme Court established on Tuesday a special section to help constitute the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to conduct a probe into the Panama leaks case.

Additional registrar Mohammad Ali has been appointed as the coordinator and would be responsible for facilitating all communication between the JIT and the Supreme Court bench.

According to sources, the JIT would be constituted at the earliest, as Justice Ejaz Afzal, who is a main member of the SC bench, has returned from Turkey.

The Supreme Court has received names of the six officers who would comprise the JIT. All the relevant institutions have submitted names of the officers who would be part of the JIT, to the apex court as per the stipulated deadline.

Deputy registrar and assistant registrar would assist the coordinator. The JIT would submit its report on the progress in the probe to the coordinator every 15 days.

According to the Supreme Court verdict on the Panama case, the JIT has been tasked to investigate into funds used by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's children to buy properties in London through offshore businesses.

The JIT would consist of an FIA officer, a NAB representative, an SECP officer, a State Bank of Pakistan nominee, and an officer from the ISI and MI.