Pakistani American Asif Mehmood contesting for lieutenant Governor of California

Pakistani American Asif Mehmood contesting for lieutenant Governor of California

CALIFORNIA - Pakistani-Americans are not only taking part in politics but are also participating elections for various positions. 

One of them is Asif Mehmood who is contesting for the seat of Lieutenant Governor of California. He is the supporter of Democratic party and has a strong position in the elections.

During an interview with Dunya News, he explained why he chose to contest the elections. “In the past two years, Donald Trump and his allies tried to harass all the minorities, isolate them and made them scapegoat. 

After becoming president he tried to put a ban on seven Muslim countries But it is the beauty of the US society that the court blocked the order or else it would have created a lot of problems. He also made an effort to harass common people such as Obama care. This was the moment when my friends who are mainstream politicians approached me to stand up against it and I said yes,” explained Asif.

When asked whether Hillary Clinton was supporting her or not, he said, “Hillary Clinton will support every person who will stand for bigotry, hate and division. She has repeatedly decalred in her campaign that Muslims are an integral part of the society and they should come more forward. I am pretty sure that she will support such people.”

Replying to a question that will the people of California accept a Pakistani governor, he said, “I have lived in California for 17 years and worked on every level not only with Pakistanis and Muslims but others too. From elementary schools to college, I have raised scholarships, assisted in free clinics, worked with UNICEF, interfaith communities, went to churches and temples. 

I have supporters from all the communities – African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Muslims, non-Muslims everybody. That is why I feel that I have a very bright chance to win. I am sure that Californians will stand with me. We will prevail and make history.”