China believes dialogue only way to resolve Korean nuclear issue

China believes dialogue only way to resolve Korean nuclear issue

BEIJING: A spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry Tuesday said China always believed that a peaceful solution based on dialogue and consultation was the only viable way and the only right choice to resolve Korean nuclear issue.

"All parties concerned should shoulder their due responsibilities, move toward the shared goal and work out a way to resume peace talks at an early date," Spokesperson Geng Shuang said during his regular press briefing here.

He said, as parties directly concerned, the US and the DPRK should make political decisions as soon as possible, take actions, demonstrate sincerity and make constructive efforts to ease the tension, restart the process of dialogue and realize denuclearization on the Peninsula.

Responding to a question about deployment of THAAD missile defence system in Republic of Korea (RoK), he said, China held a clear and firm position on the issue of THAAD, adding, "We are against the deployment of the missile system by the US in the RoK, and call on the relevant sides to immediately stop the deployment."

Geng Shuang said, China would also firmly take necessary measures to defend our own interests.

To yet another question about possible meeting between the US president and North Korean leader, he said, the US and the DPRK, as parties directly concerned on the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, should take concrete actions as soon as possible, demonstrate their sincerity, and work hard for an early restart of talks.

"China, as an important party to the issue, has and will continue to do what we can to bring various parties back to contact and dialogue," he added.

On the ASEAN summit recently held in Philippines, he said, China had noted the ASEAN summit focused and reached important consensus on building ASEAN community.

"We congratulate it on its achievements in growth, commend it for its contribution to regional peace, stability, development and prosperity, and support it in building the ASEAN community, maintaining centrality in regional cooperation, and playing a bigger role in international and regional affairs."

He expressed the confidence that ASEAN would make greater progress under the concerted efforts of the Philippines as the rotating chair and other ASEAN countries.

Replying a question about a report issued by Swedish government on the situation of human rights in countries around the world, he commented, the so-called human rights report, which made unfounded remarks about other countries' internal affairs, was biased against Chinese achievements in human rights, adding, "We are dissatisfied with and opposed to it."

The spokespersons said, the Chinese government had attached great importance to protecting and promoting human rights.

Remarkable progress has been made in this regard over the past 30-odd years since reform and opening up, which won't be denied by anyone without prejudice, he added.

"We maintain that countries should conduct equal-footed communication on human rights issues based on mutual respect so as to learn from each other and make joint progress, rather than make use of human rights issues as political tools to interfere in others' internal affairs," he concluded. (APP)