Indian soldier's widow advice to PM Modi over war hysteria against Pakistan

Indian soldier's widow advice to PM Modi over war hysteria against Pakistan

NEW DELHI - A widow of Indian paramilitary CRP soldier killed in Pulwama attack Thursday made an appeal to Indian PM Modi.

She asked that dialogue should be “given a chance” instead of war between Pakistan and India.

Mita Santra’s husband Bablu Santra was one of the 40 victims of the suicide attack on a CRPF convoy in Kashmir’s Pulwama on February 14.

Mita said she was not worried about the criticism she faced on social media over her anti-war stand.

“We should give dialogue a chance instead of war that will lead to loss of so many more lives,” Mita told PTI and urged the Government of India to make all efforts to ensure Varthaman’s return.

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“I urge our government to engage with that of Pakistan to get back Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman safely,” she said.

Varthaman was captured following a fierce engagement between fighter aircraft of the two sides in which IAF lost a MiG 21 Bison aircraft being flown by Varthaman, who bailed out but was captured and arrested.

Following the death of her husband, Mita had made a strong anti-war pitch despite calls for avenging the suicide attack, insisting that a war should be avoided as it will snuff out many more lives on both sides of the border, leaving women widowed, mothers without sons and children without fathers.

Mita said she was not bothered about social media trolls criticising her stand on war, adding that if one person has criticised her, 10 others appreciated her approach.