Twitter to launch new interesting service for users

Twitter to launch new interesting service for users

In recent news, Twitter is officially working on a local weather service that will tell the weather of numerous cities which includes a mix of free and paid content from climate journalist Eric Holthaus and 18 local meteorologists. However, the catch here is that it will be part of the paid subscription plan of Twitter.

Though it’s not clear what will be free and what will be free it has been reported that the paid subscription allows users to ask these meteorologists unlimited questions where a response is guaranteed.

In addition to the weather updates, it seems like Twitter will be taking a page out of Instagram and Facebook which now involves the company giving out advertisements in the form of Fleets which is a win-win for both Twitter and the company/brand that is mentioned in the startup. According to a recent blog by the company: *“Fleet ads are a space for brands to be creative: go behind the scenes, have a creator take over your account, or share a hot take.”*

Currently, Twitter is experimenting with these features however it is expected that we will be seeing these features real soon.