Federal Government withdraws appeal against Shahbaz Sharif

Federal Government withdraws appeal against Shahbaz Sharif

LAHORE – The incumbent government Wednesday has withdrawn its appeal against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz president and opposition leader in NA Shehbaz Sharif to travel abroad.

Attorney General Pakistan withdrew the appeal after former Punjab CM assured that he would not pursue the application he has filed in the LHC seeking contempt of court against the government for not allowing him to travel abroad in violation of its May 7 order.

The apex court held that the way Sharif was given relief cannot be cited as an example in any case. On which AG Khalid Javed Khan stated that the Lahore High Court has transferred the judge that was conducting the trial of the PML-N leader.

Last month, the Lahore High Court granted permission to Shahbaz for travel for medical purposes but later he was barred from boarding a Qatar-bound flight due to his name on the blacklist and was, however, offloaded from a flight to Qatar capital at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport.

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