Abducted Female Foreign national recovered from Islamabad

Abducted Female Foreign national recovered from Islamabad

*LAHORE: *A young Uzbek domestic helper, who was allegedly abducted by her employer’s driver from Lahore last month, has been recovered from the suspect’s custody in Islamabad, police officials said on Sunday.

Yelena reportedly went missing from residence of her Chinese employer, identified as Lady Gaga, situated in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) on May 26.

A kidnapping case was later lodged at Defence A police station by Yelena’s aunt, who alleged that the young Uzbek was abducted by Lady Gaga’s driver Sohail Ramzan.

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Yelena had come to Pakistan with a legal visa and passport in April as a housemaid, and was working as a babysitter at the residence of her employer in the upscale Lahore neighbourhood.

According to police, she is married to a Pakistani man, Muhammad Nisar.