Amir Zaki (late): Pakistan top Guitarist profile

Amir Zaki (late): Pakistan top Guitarist profile

One of Pakistan’s top guitarists Aamir Zaki passed away in Karachi on Friday. He was 49.

The artist’s death was confirmed by his relatives and the cause of death was heart failure. Zaki’s funeral prayers will be offered tomorrow.

Zaki was a virtuoso guitarist, songwriter and singer. He was discovered first by Alamgir aged 16. ‘Classic PTV Global Video’ shows him with Alamgir playing a Flying V that he built himself. Zaki continued to make his own guitars.

His debut album ‘Signature’ was released in 1994 in Pakistan and pirated worldwide.

Zaki was awarded a ‘Soundcraft’ Gold Disc for the debut. It sold worldwide gaining him a very loyal fan base of ‘Melodic Guitar Music’.

The album contained only one Urdu song, ‘Mera Piyar‘. It reached No 1 immediately and stayed at the top of the charts for years. Today ‘Mera Piyar’ is the most widely covered love song of the Pakistani Mainstream/Pop Music Industry,

Born in Saudi Arabia on April 8, 1968, his earliest musical influences of Middle Eastern music can be heard in works such as ‘Somewhere In Asia’ (‘Inner Conflict Within One World’).

Zaki’s experimental tabla rhythm compositions are evident in ‘And She Danced Beautifully’, a piece that mixes Taals of 11/4, and 8/4 in a polyrhythmic style. Sometimes he used to play a Raaga in the Eastern Classical manner but distinctly, it is the fusion of Eastern and Western scales and the intense ‘Feel factor’ that he is known for.

Zaki’s second official release was ‘Rough Cut’.

A duo of Aamir Zaki and Hadiqa Kiyani, ‘Rough Cut’ released an album of the same name, It was an all English album with only one Urdu song ‘Iss Bar Milo’ (‘Rough Cut’ 2005). ‘Iss Bar Milo’ recieved the award for ‘Best song/video’ that year and reached Number 1 in the charts. Two english videos were released, ‘Living This Lie’ and ‘Be With You’.

Aamir Zaki collaborated with international musicians and performed live with ‘The Aamir Zaki Group’, and played as a Guest in Coke Studio 7.