Startling revelations by Political party target killer

Startling revelations by Political party target killer

KARACHI: An alleged target killer belonging to a political party has been arrested by Counter Terrorism Department after conducting raid here at today in Korangi area of Karachi.

As per details, target killer has been identified as Shakeel Ahmad having links with a militant wing of a political party and the arrested target killer has confessed of killing many people in Karachi.

According the report of LEAs , the arrested target killer confessed that he was involved in sabotaging act in May 12 tragedy . Report further stated that the arrested target killer had been given a task to collect Zakat and Fitrana.

Report added that   Shakeel Ahmad was involved in heinous crimes including murders of several people. During investigation, he confessed that he killed Rehan, an opposing party worker in 2009 as well as Saleem Abbas, Sunni Tahreek worker in 2012.

The arrested accused has identified his other accomplices involved in target killing while raids are being conducted by LEAs to arrest other outlaws.


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