Imran Khan questions Pakistan foreign policy

Imran Khan questions Pakistan foreign policy

ISLAMABAD: While raising questions over Pakistan foreign policy , PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that Pakistan is facing immense crisis due to its foreign policy because good relations cannot be established with western countries with the exchange of gifts.

While talking to journalists here a today at his residence in Bani Gala , Imran said that Pakistan and Iran have close and friendly ties and Gas Pipeline project should have been started earlier while relations with Afghanistan and India should be established on equal parameters.

Talking about the issue of Panama leaks , Imran questioned that why government is reluctant to investigate the issue of Panama leaks adding that government wants to safe PM Nawaz and his family from accountability but now it is impossible for PM Nawaz to avoid accountability.

Imran further added that people cannot be deceived as people are fully aware about their political rights while the party who would withdraw from Terms of References will face public criticism.

Imran made it clear that Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf would come on roads if action are not taken by government over the revelations of Panama leaks .

Good governance is possible through presidential system but it is not suitable in current circumstances, Imran explained saying that presidential system would be the violation of provinces rights.


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