Maryam Nawaz takes Chaudhry Nisar head on

Maryam Nawaz takes Chaudhry Nisar head on

RAWALPINDI: Maryam Nawaz has assured of absolute support in the electoral campaign of PML-N candidate Qamarul Islam for NA-59 and PP-10 in competition against former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

“Maryam Nawaz called from London and said that the party leadership will fully support imprisoned leader Qamarul Islam in the election campaign,” Qamar’s 12-year-old son Salarul Islam told the media at press briefing.

“We have full support of PML-N leaders,” Salaar said.

Withdrawing in favour of Qamar, Union Council Pariyal Chairman Nazar Abbas announced to run the imprisoned leader’s campaign from 10 UC’s of Thana Chauntara.

Salaar thanked Abbas on the occasion. PMLN candidate from PP-1A Faisal Qayyum also addressed the gathering at this moment.

Criticising Chaudhry Nisar’s politics Abbas said party gave him funds worth billions of rupees and so much power that not even a policeman or a junior assistant in any of the UCs could be transferred without his permission, it was due to him that the district council elections couldn’t be held only so that his prestige doesn’t suffer a blow.

He said that the funds of district councils were spent in both of Nisar’s constituencies even then he did not stand by the party during tough times instead damaged the party.

Abbas said that none of the UC chairmen, vice chairmen or councillors could directly contact Nisar due to his colonial style of politics.

Replying to a question, Abbas said: “Arrest of Qamar has pressurised PML-N councillors, chairmen and vice chairmen. They are scared and supporting Nisar only because they think it can happen to them as well therefore I appeal that they support the PML-N ticket holder candidate which is also their ethical responsibility.”

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