Honda Atlas car prices raised in Pakistan yet again

Honda Atlas car prices raised in Pakistan yet again

KARACHI - Honda Atlas for the second time since the beginning of 2018 has increase the price of vehicles Rs 30,000 to Rs 100,000 on back rupee devaluation and rise in the cost of the steel prices.

The new prices of Honda Civic i-VTEC and i-VTEC Oriel are Rs2.599 million and Rs 2.749 million, respectively, according to the pricelist, increasing the price by Rs 100,000 per model, the price list of the company said..

City’s manual 1.3L is now available for Rs 1.729 million, City 1.3L’s Prosmatec variant is now priced at for Rs 1.869 million, from previous price of Rs 1.699 million and Rs 1.839 million respectively.

City’s Manual (1,500cc) now reached to Rs 1.789 million, City’s Prosmatec (1,500cc) is now valued at Rs 1.929 million, showing an increase of Rs 30,000 per unit. City Aspire Manual (1,500cc) is priced at Rs 1.939 million and City Aspire Prosmatec (1,500cc) has become costlier to Rs 2.079 million, showing a price rise of Rs 50000 per model.

The company also announced price increase of BR-V models, all the three variants in the same umbrella recorded an increase of Rs 35,000 for each of the models. The new BR-V MT reached to Rs 2.134 million, BR-V CVT is Rs 2.284 million and Rs 2.384 million respectively.