Ecstasy pills shaped like Donald Trump surfaces

Ecstasy pills shaped like Donald Trump surfaces

WASHINGTON - He may or may not be getting Americans on a joyous high but ecstasy pills shaped like him sure promise a temporary feeling of absolute elation.

Yes, a batch of pills shaped like Donald Trump was recently seized by Indiana police in what the law enforcement department is seeing as a major win against drug traffickers.

According to a report in the Associated Press, police officials seized a consignment of ecstasy pills intended for sale in Indiana and adjoining states. Police officers described the pill to be like Trump because of its orange colour, a face stamped in the front and the words 'Make America Great Again' stamped at the back. These were the same words used by Trump during the presidential election campaigning.

Police officials have made 129 arrests in connection with the 'Trump pills' but believe this may just be the tip of the iceberg. That ecstasy pills lure people by promising a psychotic high is perhaps not enough and drug traffickers are adding novelty factors to make their product stand out, believe law enforcement agencies in Indiana. And while there are no details about how many of these 'Trump pills' were seized, Indiana police has said the operation against drug trafficking will continue to take place with an iron fist.