China develops Star War type gun for the first time in history

China develops Star War type gun for the first time in history

BEIJING - In what has the potential of becoming the most lethal assault weapon ever, China has reportedly developed a gun that can fire at targets a kilometre away using an energy beam that can tear into human tissues.

South China Morning Post has reported that the ZKZM-500 is a laser assault rifle which mimics the lightsabre seen in Star Wars movie series. Just that these are hardly fictional and are being touted as 'non-lethal' weapons which can result in 'instant carbonisation' of skin and tissues.

Scientists responsible for developing the weapon reportedly claim that the gun weighs in at three kgs and has dimensions similar to the AK-47. In terms of effectiveness, it is claimed to be far more intense. The guns energy beam is invisible to the naked eye but can travel hundreds of metres towards the intended target. The beam can penetrate the enemy's skin in what would be instant but excruciatingly painful death. Powered by a lithium battery that can be recharged, the gun can potentially fire 1000 times with each fire lasting two seconds. If that is not lethal enough, the gun can also be mounted on cars, boats and planes for varying operations.

It is learnt that the ZKZM-500 is all set for mass production and that the first batch of the guns would be given for anti-terrorism operations as its benefits in hostage situation could be enormous. At an estimated price of US$15,000 per unit, the gun could also be one of the most expensive when mass produced.

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