Afghan Taliban respond to President Asharf Ghani offer

Afghan Taliban respond to President Asharf Ghani offer

KABUL - The Taliban militants group has reiterated its longstanding demand in a bid to reach to a peace deal with the Afghan government as efforts are underway to revive peace talks with the group.

The group published an article in response to the ongoing efforts and demands for reconciliation, stating that if the Kabul government has interests and belief in peace and wants true reconciliation, then it should end the security agreement with the foreigners.

Taliban says peace efforts should only a motive for peace and such efforts should not have a motive for instrumental use to achieve victory in the war.

The group went on to claim that slogans for peace will result into elimination of reconciliation and further escalation of war.

Taliban also accused the government and supporters of Afghanistan for not having tendency towards peace and for hostage taking of reconciliation and erecting walls on the way of peace.

This comes as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Saturday said the nation demands peace and an end to the conflict and the government has positively responded to the demands, emphasizing it is the time that the Taliban should also respond positively.

Announcing the end of the extended ceasefire with the Taliban, President Ghani said the Taliban group is facing the nation, religious scholars of the country as well as Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Imams and the clerics of the Islamic world.

He said such pressures existed on the government as well which have been sidelined responsibly and the time has come that the Taliban should also prove their responsibility and decide on how they are going to face the pressures.

President Ghani once again called on Taliban to reconcile as he emphasized that the existing pressures are domestic and have no links with the outside.

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