Indian aggressive attitude in IOK will take entire region to disaster

Indian aggressive attitude in IOK will take entire region to disaster

ISLAMABAD (APP): Chairman of Hurriyet Forum, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

has condemned the harassment of innocent youth by the authorities in Indian Held Kashmir.

According to KMS, Umar Farooq addressing a public gathering in Srinagar said that war-mongers were openly advocating for war and confrontation in the region and such an aggressive attitude would only take the whole region to the brink of disaster.

He added: "The suppressive measures by the Government of India will not weaken the resolve of the people for freedom struggle.

"Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said, "How ironical is it that those who call themselves as the champions of world's largest democracy are talking of war as the resolution of Kashmir dispute and we, who advocate dialogue and deliberations among all stakeholders for its resolution to usher peace prosperity and stability in the region, are labeled as traitors and terrorists."

The Hurriyet forum Chairman said the implementation of demographic change through New Industrial Policy and allotment of land to non-state subjects especially in Jammu areas is going on where through lease or power of attorney land is given to outsiders. He said: "In Qasim Nagar area of Jammu, land has been given to non-locals through power of attorney with a view to settle these people stealthy and steadily."

Mirwaiz cautioned the authorities to come clear on these issues or face people's agitation and understand that people of Kashmir cannot be taken for a ride and will give stiff resistance to any move which is against their interests.

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