Hydropower projects under construction in Pakistan

Hydropower projects under construction in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (APP): The government is actively pursuing hydropower projects to meet the growing electricity demands of the country.

According to Radio Pakistan , the official said that about 9550 megawatt hydropower projects were at various stages of construction while work on 960 megawatt of Neelum Jhelum project is in advance stages and its first unit of 242 megawatt will start generation in July next year.

Three other units of hydel project would also start generation by the end of next year.

The officials said that the first unit of Tarbela 4th extension will start generation of 470 megawatt during the current fiscal year.

They said that pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of approximately 18875 megawatt hydro projects have been completed added that these projects are under various stages of approval and finances are being arranged for them.

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