Amir wants to be the best cricketer of Pakistan

Amir wants to be the best cricketer of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, July 2 (APP): Pacer Mohammad Amir believes past is the past, saying he wants to be the best cricketer of Pakistan and even the world's best bowler.

Amir is set to make his return to Test cricket after a six-year absence at the venue he last played, Lord's, in the first game of Pakistan 's four-Test series against England from July 14.

Amir said life was very tough and there were times he thought he might not be able to play again. "I didn't pick up a ball for three years. It was very depressing for me, because as a professional, it's very difficult when you can't use the facilities,play cricket, you can't even touch the ball," he said.

"They are terrible memories, but now they are helping me because I have learned a lot and I want to be a better human being,and a better behaved cricketer," he said.

He said representing Pakistan again is very special for him and at the same place where it ended.

He said Lord's is a very special place. "I have good and bad memories but now I hope to make more good memories for the future. I want to put my name on the honours board, like in 2010," he said.

He said the crowd has the right to have their own opinion but my aim is to do well and behave. "If I perform, hopefully they will forgive me and they will shout for me one day," he said.

Speaking about the Pakistan-England series, he said England is a good team especially in home conditions, but we will work hard and try to beat them.

"England has a good batting line-up, Alastair Cook is a good player and Joe Root is doing very well. Every batsman is just as important to get out, but especially Cook, as he is the captain and the backbone of the team. I will try my best to bowl him," he said.

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