41st Mehfil-e-Shabina begins at Faisal Mosque

41st Mehfil-e-Shabina begins at Faisal Mosque

ISLAMABAD: (APP) The four-night long, 41st Mehfil-e-Shabina commenced at Faisal Mosque on Friday night, said an official of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony.

Talking to APP, he said, the first eight paras of the Holy Quran were recited during Namaz-e-Taraveeh in Faisal Mosque . On the first day of Shabina, Holy Quran was recited by Hafiz Muhammad Nauman, Abdul Basit, Muhammad Ali, Hafiz Shahabuddin, Hafiz Muhammad Mehmood, Hafiz Usman Naeem and Hafiz Muhammad Azam.

A large number of people attended the Shabina including Secretary Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sohail Aamir, Additional Secretary Muhammad Khan Khichi, Joint Secretary, Spokesman Noor Zaman and other officials of the ministry.

He said Namaz-e-Taraveeh started at 9:30 pm. As many as 14 Huffaz had been assigned to recite 30 Paras of the Holy Quran during four-day Taraveeh prayers. Huffaz would recite eight paras on Ramzan 27, 28 and 6 paras on Ramzan 29th.

The annual Mehfil-e-Shabina was started in 1976 in the country. Mehfil-e-Shabina was held immediately after the completion of Faisal Mosque in 1983. Since then Mehfil-e-Shabina was being held in Faisal Mosque each year. In total, it was 33rd Mehfil-e-Shabina in Faisal Mosque .

Transport Authority Islamabad has made elaborated arrangements to facilitate the public, desiring to attend the Mehfil-e-Shabina.

The Mehfil-e-Shabina would culminate on Monday night.

Meanwhile, a three-day Mehfil-e-Shabina would be started at Markazai Jamia Hanfia after Taraveeh prayers on Saturday night.

10 Quraa would recite one Para each till Sehri.

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