World Prosperity Index: Where does Pakistan stand among 149 Nations?

World Prosperity Index: Where does Pakistan stand among 149 Nations?

KARACHI -Pakistan was ranked at 136 out of 149 nations on the Legatum Prosperity Index in 2018.

The annual Legatum Prosperity Index ranks countries on nine pillars of prosperity, measuring each country’s economic quality and business environment, as well as the mode of governance, social capital, security, education and natural environment.

Pakistan’s rank of 136 did not improve since 2017, and the country ranks 23rd out of 24 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the report, Pakistan’s strongest pillar has been governance, with political participation improving on average as compared to the region and rest of the world. This has been the biggest positive change for Pakistan compared to last year, as governance improved seven places since 2017.

On the other hand, the weakest pillar for the country has been natural environment, where it ranked 148th globally. The cumulative score took note of the increasing environmental pressures and quality, as well as the lack of preservation efforts undertaken in the recent year. The score for the natural environment declined nearly 8 points in the last five years.

Pakistan ranked 56th, in terms of economic quality, according to the report. The improvements are noted in areas of labour force engagement, economic inclusiveness and standard of living.