Government’s concrete policies will take out the country from challenges: Analysts

Government’s concrete policies will take out the country from challenges: Analysts

The incumbent government is making all out efforts to overcome the challenges that our country has been facing most importantly poverty, illiteracy, injustice and corruption. So for, the policies of the government in this regard are in right direction. These were also among the main agendas of PTI before elections. The foremost challenge for the government is economic stability.

PTI government also slashed petroleum prices billed a New Year gift. Petrol was reduced by Rs 4.86 per liter, setting the price at Rs 90.97 per liter. We are hopeful that the New Year would bring success and prosperity to the people and the country.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan is very much determined and making all out efforts regarding poverty alleviation and root out the corruption from the country. Moreover, the main focus is also on to provide justice to a common man. Inshallah, in new Pakistan people will get justice at the door step.

Youth is the strength and government is also taking measures to promote quality education and technical trainings to the youth so they took part in economic development of the country. The government has also planned 5 million houses for the poor which is a positive development. Prime Minister during his visit to China also expresses interest to take advantage of Chinese expertise to boost agriculture sector.

In our national pursuit for a peaceful, prosperous and vibrant Pakistan the government has to mainly focus on poverty alleviation, promoting quality education and providing health facilities to the people of the country. The government intends to bring the syllabus taught in private schools to government institutes but it would firstly need to have qualified teaching staff.

A uniform education system is part of the PTI’s six-point education policy. The policy also envisages an increase in the education budget, increasing adult literacy and teacher training. It is good development that the government is taking certain measures to wipe out corruption and making Pakistan a corruption-free country. Although these are tough tasks but the government is determined to practically implement its agenda at all costs.

Prime Minister has indicated the most basic issues including poverty, illiteracy, injustice and corruption. The government is taking measures as top priority on human development which is most important and sustainable. Prime Minister is taking personal interests in following Chinese expertise in poverty alleviation and development in agriculture development.

The nation needs a direction and the government is also devising policies to facilitate the people by all means. The previous governments only focused on infrastructural development rather than human development that development sense of deprivation among the people. Promotion of education in the country, uniformity in curricular and the provision of modern educational facilities for youth in the area of science and technology were among the foremost priorities of the PTI government. At least six subjects will be made compulsory in all institutions.

Prime Minister has rightly and timely pointed out the main issues that our nation has been facing at the moment. PM Imran Khan is well aware of the basic issues of a common man as he himself belongs to a middle-class family. After the prudent policies of the government, the foreign investment has been improving in the country. PTI believes in supremacy of law and justice and committed to provide justice without any discrimination. The government is also focusing on to work for good governance in the country.

The vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan is on streamlining the system in all national institutions so that they could function independently and efficiently.