DG ISPR message to Indian PM Modi’s war hysteria

DG ISPR message to Indian PM Modi’s war hysteria

ISLAMABAD - Director-General ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has responded over the war rhetoric created by the Modi government.

He said India had seen the result of going at war with Pakistan and if one war hasn’t changed their attitude, 100 more won’t either.

Major-General Ghafoor said that Pakistan had a 70-year-old history with India in which Pakistan had always talked about peace.

“We have told India a number of times that we want to progress towards peace but India has always showed aggression. Let me make this clear, if India resorts to a war with Pakistan, then we are ready to respond to it”, he said.

Dismissing the Indian claims of ‘surgical strikes’ in Pakistani territory, he said that even the Indian Prime Minister said that their own public didn’t believe in these claims.

“The Indian government hasn’t given the proofs of surgical strikes to even its own people”, he said.

Talking about the successes of Pakistani security forces against the terrorism, he said that Pakistan has come a long way since the start of Operation Sherdil in 2008, adding that it was a difficult journey

Ghafoor said that it had been two years since the Operation Radd-ul-Fasad was launched in the country and the operation was aimed at ensuring the rule of constitution and law in the country.

He said that in last two years of Radd-ul-Fasad, more than 75,000 secret operations were carried out throughout the country in which more than 35,000 illegal weapons were recovered.