Diplomatic efforts vital to inform US about Pakistan's role against terrorism: Experts

Diplomatic efforts vital to inform US about Pakistan's role against terrorism: Experts

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's political leadership should take immediate steps to apprise the United States about its country's role in war against terrorism and huge losses it had faced.

Pakistani society had suffered a lot due to cooperation with US in fighting war against the Red Army in 1979,

Director News Geo News Rana Jawad expressed these views while commenting on the US President's recent statements against Pakistan. In his latest tweet, Trump mentioned about US aid given to Pakistan and also alleged Pakistan once again for having safe heavens of terrorists.

Trump had used an open public forum of social media to blame Pakistan, he said. Pakistan's leadership should immediately use the diplomatic initiatives and apprise the US about huge economic losses that Pakistan suffered while fighting war against terrorism.

"Trump's threatening statement in the beginning of New Year is awakening for our country when Pakistan is passing through volatile internal political situation and depleting foreign reserves," he said.

Such statements from the super power would have serious consequences for Pakistan, he said. Jawad said a few people here were of view that Pakistani leadership including Shahbaz Sharif should seek the help of Saudi leadership which had good relations with US President Trump and the US administration to steer the country out of this critical situation.

Geo News anchor Talat Hussain also seconded Jawad’s comments and called for initiating diplomatic efforts by Pakistan to apprise the US Administration of country’s anti-terror efforts and the sacrifices.

He said Saudi Arabia being close ally of the US, could play important role for normalizing the current situation between Pakistan and US.He said Trump’s tweet at beginning of new year seemed to be start of the policy shift by Trump administration for Pakistan.

He said US policy shift could negatively impact the Pakistan-US relations.

He said Pakistan had repeatedly clarified its position regarding no safe havens for terrorists in the country,  however, he said there was need to highlight before the world Pakistan’s anti-terror steps. He also advised Pakistan’s leadership to remain cautious of any misadventure by the US following the repeated anti-Pakistan statements by Trump.

He said it was need of hour that political parties should demonstrate national unity to counter US President’s statement setting aside their differences.