Pakistan's closeness with China is costing it the US wrath

Pakistan's closeness with China is costing it the US wrath

ISLAMABAD - The recent strategic recalibration in the region between Pakistan China and Russia on the one hand and the US India on the other hand are altering the entire security scenario in the region.

Pakistan has come under severe US attack in the recent days as a result of such new alignment. However the apparent reason for this is almost thousand or so Haqqani network fighters.

American leadership finds fault with Pakistan’s sincerity in going against the militants unsettling Afghanistan where NATO and US soldiers are now badly beleaguered.

Americans allege that Pakistan is ‘running with hare and hunting with hounds’ and demanding to hunt down Taliban militants allegedly putting up in Pakistan and are responsible for attacks on NATO and American forces in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has time and again made it clear that she (Pakistan) has done enough to weed out the militancy from her soil with huge sacrifices as seen from the palpable lull in the recurrence of terror incidents.

Pakistani logic is irrefutable that in Afghanistan there is ‘governance fiasco’. Ethnic tensions, racial frictions, illegal drug business, low morale of Afghan forces coupled with increasing trend of desertions etc are few of the major causes contributing to weak governance encouraging militants to run amok.

While American complaints are all about Pakistan being insincere in taking decisive punitive action against some Taliban elements that are disturbing peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan has its own potent arguments to reject such allegations

Pakistan could contain and check the turbulence in her soil despite abetment to this menace from sovereign countries like India and Afghanistan with American connivance.

Rag-tag Taliban militants should not pose a challenge to well-organised NATO and American forces having technological edge with capable soldiery and rich budgetary allocations.

Unrest in Afghanistan cannot be addressed merely by putting pressure on Pakistan.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s closeness with China is the actual cause of concern for Washington. This has occurred mainly due to Washington’s recent ‘policy shift’ wooing New Delhi to its friendly fold.

In view of this, America must read that necessity drove Islamabad to seek readjustment of her strategic ties.

Pakistan has huge youth bulge, energy crisis, joblessness and allied maladies likely to generate social unrest if left unaddressed. This pressure can only be absorbed and handled with a buoyant national economy in place.

China’s investment commitment in Pakistan has the potential to help Pakistani economy grow vibrant to absorb the bulging youth pressure.