India behind unrest in Pakistan, Afghanistan: Experts

India behind unrest in Pakistan, Afghanistan: Experts

ISLAMABAD - India is not only responsible for instability and unrest in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan; Kalboshan had been working in Pakistan to fulfil India's agenda;

Pakistan is determined to win Indian spy case at International Court of Justice; It is high time to take practical steps to refrain India from its nefarious designs.

Brigadier Retd Said Nazir, Defence Analyst has said that “Earlier, India claimed that Kulbushan Jadhav was not its spy but later it was not only proved wrong but it also acknowledged that Jadhav was their official;

India wants to destabilize Pakistan by creating unrest in Balochistan; However, the matter of Indian spy should be concluded to its logical end. Kulbushan is a terrorist and he should be dealt as a terrorist”.

Fauzia Nasreen a former Former Ambassador “It was impossible to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan without engaging Pakistan in the peace process;

It is time to negotiate with Afghan Taliban for peace in the country; Kulbushan is a solid proof we have to show the world that India was involved in creating unrest in Pakistan.’